Friday, March 3, 2017

Happy World Hearing Day!

Being an audiologist, I would drag my husband to do a hearing test whenever he doesn't listen to me. And each time, he proved me wrong which really shows what a difference it is between hearing and listening 😒.
But seriously, it's really a practice for healthy hearing, and this is what it somewhat looks like when you do a hearing test in a soundproof room. It's not scary at all, and the audiologist is usually all ears! If you would do a health check up for your body, why wouldn't you do a hearing check while you're at it? It's not really about finding a problem, but ensuring you're optimizing your full body potentials.
So do me a favour please, get yourself/your parents/your spouse/your children/your siblings/your relatives a hearing test today (or anytime soon)! Unaddressed hearing loss has a high cost, let's take action before it's costing us! Don't know where to go? E-mail me and I'll hook you up with an audiologist.
Happy World Hearing Day! (3.3)

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